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ECOstyle Oerbalans

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Indispensable in every horse ration

Extra effective in summer itch!
In many meadows now days little herbs grow, while herbs are indispensable for a good horse ration! OerBalans is the missing link. This herbal mixture stimulates a good disposal of waste products. The combination of high-quality herbs, vitamins, minerals and trace elements in OerBalans supports metabolism, digestion and the immune system. Horses are literally in good shape with a beautifully shiny coat!

Summer itch

Horses are naturally sensitive to the development of disturbed digestion and metabolism due to increased stress, incorrect diet or overload. This can often be seen in a dull coat or sensitive skin. OerBalans is for maintaining optimal metabolism and ideal for horses where the resistance can use some support. OerBalans is therefore very effective on horses with summer itch. Because the body can get rid of the waste better, a horse has less itch in the summer. The natural regenerative capacity of the skin is supported, so that a horse literally gets a shiny coat! Tip! CalendulaSpray has a soothing effect on sensitive skin caused by summer itch. It is therefore a good combination with OerBalans in summer itch!

Ingredient (s): Nettle, Rosemary leaves, Horsetail root, Liquorice root, Chirory root, Milk Thistle, Mäerl, Calcium sodium phosphate, Beet molasses, Sodium chloride, Magnesium oxide, Roots, Seaweed, Mallow sprouts, Wheat grits, Apple pulp, Yeast

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