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Equidura hoof ointment with laurel oil View larger

Equidura hoof ointment with laurel oil

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Equidura hoof ointment with laurel oil and other highly effective ingredients improve the elasticity of the horn and keep the hooves healthy.
Equidura not only remains as a layer on the surface of the horn, it penetrates deep into the hoofwall and strengthens the hoof from the inside.
Equidura hoof ointment protects the hoof from drying out in the summer as softening of the hooves by penetrating moisture as water and urine. such as water and urine. By maintaining the moisture balance with Equidura the horn will be restored in a natural way.
The hoof is smooth again, so no more horntears. And common hoof problems, such as the crumbling of the hoof wall, are prevented.
Shoeing will last longer.