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Withers Shetland and mini Shetland:

Size mini Shetland

The mini size with a wither from 51 till 86 cm
The small size with a wither from 87 till 92 cm

Size Shetland

The middle size with a wither from 93 till 98 cm
The large size with a wither from 99 till 107 cm

Mini & Shetland rug size table:


Beware!!! Above mentioned sizes are guidelines! Always mesure you're pony from the middle of the brest till the tail & from the wither till the dock. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Measuring the saddle: 

Measure you're leg from you kneejoint till you're groin and divide the cm by 2,54 (1 inch = 2,54cm). Then you have the size you need for you're saddle in inches. When you're on the saddle there must always be 1 flat hand behind you're buttocks and the cup fit. A saddle may therefore never be too large or too small. Measurement of the saddle: measure from the back of the tree up to the saddle nail (related to the front of the saddle). Divide the cm again by inches, and you have the saddle size.

Western and stock saddles have different sizes and are measured from the front of the fork to the back edge of the cantle. For a western (or stock) saddle, you need a 2 inch smaller size than an English saddle.

Fit of the saddle: 

put the saddle on your pony when it is unloaded. This means without a rider, and no girth. You should put you're hand without too much pressure evenly across the length of the neck to end of the saddle tree. Make sure the tree is wide enough, and that they do not pressed to the backbone. There should be enough space between the withers and the bottom of the saddle tree. When the rider sits on the saddle there must still be enough space. The saddle must be in balance, and the rider must sit in the middle of the saddle. The cushion should fit equally well and connect anywhere. The cushion should not protrude beyond the 18th rib of the pony (measuring this directly under the back of the cushion). Also go to the back of the pony and see if the saddle fits right to your pony. In addition, look also if you're pony is quite right (back, shoulders and thighs).

Meassure the driving harnsess:  

Meassure the bit: 
Take for example a thin rope that you can put in the mouth of you're pony. Meassure from the corner of the mouth to the other corner of the mouth. The bit rings must seam at the mouth corners. The bit should not clamp and should also not be too wide.

Meassure of the Cavesson
Put the string around the nose of the pony and measure about 2-3 cm below the jawbone.

Measuure from the breastplate
Measuring from the center of the chest of the pony up behind the shoulder on both sides. 

Measuure the back and crupper
Measuring from Withers to the beginning of the tail. 

Meassure of the breeching
Meassure from both sides from the Meet beide kanten vanaf de flank till the middle of the tail.

Maten voor het tuig met stokmaat:
0,60cm till 0,78cm = size mini mini Shetland
0,79cm till 0,92cm = size mini Shetland
0,93cm till 1,07cm = size Shetland

To all above sizes no rights can be derived! These are guidelines! Always meassure you're pony!